The Barcelona Past Networks Summer School: 24-29 June 2024

We’re pleased to announce the Barcelona Past Networks Summer School, a week-long event designed to provide training in the analysis of historical and archaeological networks (June 25-29, 2024). Information and application:

The Barcelona Past Networks Summer School

At a glance

  • Annual 5-day summer school in Barcelona (25-29 June 2024)
  • Teaching the theory and practice of network research
  • For those studying the human past (historians, archaeologists, classicists, …)
  • No prior computational skills required, but willingness to learn


Network approaches are commonly used in diverse studies of the human past: analyzing letter correspondence in 16th century England, mapping the similarity of material culture in the prehispanic US Southwest, reconstructing ancient Roman family ties as revealed through funerary inscriptions, and much more. Such research is supported by thriving international communities, conference series, a journal, and textbooks. But dedicated training in the theory and practice of network research is missing in most history and archaeology degree programmes.

The Barcelona Past Networks Summer School addresses this educational gap. It provides an annually recurring opportunity to learn what network research is, how it can be usefully and critically applied to the study of the human past, through hands-on practicals and critical lectures. The content is curated and delivered by leading experts in the field, and the summer school is a joint effort of the main international scholarly communities in past networks research. The summer school is developed for those establishing or developing their studies and research on the human past (archaeologists, historians, classicists, …).

If you aim to perform network research but your own institutional or educational context cannot support you in this specialism, then this summer school is perfect for you. No prior mathematical, computational or coding experience is needed, but a willingness to work with and learn computational and coding approaches is necessary, given the strong practical focus of the summer school.


Tom Brughmans, Aarhus University – Centre for Urban Network Evolutions
Archaeologist specialized in the economy of the Roman Empire and empirically reconstructed past social networks, all using network science methods.

Albert Diaz Guilera, Universitat de Barcelona – Institute of Complex Systems
Network scientist looking for unsuspected links in many different disciplines.

Marten Düring, Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary & Digital History
Contemporary historian working on the intersection between historical thinking and computational methods.

Martin Grandjean, Université de Lausanne
Contemporary historian exploring the networks of large international archives.

Matteo Mazzamurro, Aarhus University – Centre for Urban Network Evolutions
Urban networks scientist interested in the evolution of social and transport connectivity.

Cindarella Petz, Leibniz Institute of European History (IEG)
Specialised in computational approaches for historical research.

Luce Prignano, Universitat de Barcelona
Physicist working on and through social complexity.


The Barcelona Past Networks Summer School will take place in the city of Barcelona (Spain) from 25 to 29 June 2024. You can apply to participate by completing the below form. Places are limited, and will be offered following a review of all applications after the 21 January 2024 deadline. If you have been offered a place, then your offer will be conditional on paying the 75 EUR registration fee.

Important Dates

  • Application deadline: 21 January 2024
  • Conditional offer of place in summer school: 9 February 2024
  • Registration fee payment deadline: 29 February 2024
  • Summer school dates: 25-29 June 2024

Application process

The application form includes a 400-word motivational statement that should clearly describe why you want to attend the BPNSS, and how you expect to benefit from the experience. No CV or other documentation is required. The submitted application forms will be reviewed by the organizing committee, who will offer places and create a waiting list.

Registration fee

The total registration fee is 75 EUR. This includes:

  • All lunches
  • All coffee and tea breaks
  • Organised social events
  • One dinner

The registration fee can only be paid once you have been offered a place in the summer school. Only online card payments will be accepted (no cash or cheques). The registration fee does not include the following, please make your own arrangements for these:

  • Accommodation during the summer school
  • Travel to and from the summer school
  • Dinners (excluding one social dinner)
  • Personal expenses at socials and during summer school


The summer school is able to offer a small number of bursaries between 75 EUR and 300 EUR that can only be used to support expenses directly related to attending the Barcelona Past Networks Summer School. Eligible expenses include:

  • BPNSS registration fee
  • Accommodation during the summer school
  • Travel to and from the summer school

Bursary application procedure

There is no separate bursary application procedure. You have to apply for a bursary alongside your application for the summer school, before the 21 January 2023 deadline.

In the application form, answer “Yes” to the question “Do you want to be considered for a bursary?”. Please describe in no more than 200 words your motivation for applying for a bursary.

Published by Martin Grandjean
November 9, 2023

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