Special Issue (#4) “The Ties That Bind” of the Journal of Historical Network Research published

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we are happy to announce the publication of the fourth issue of the Journal of Historical Network Research, a special issue focused on “The Ties That Bind. Ancient Politics and Network Analysis”, guest edited by W. Broekaert, E. Köstner & C. Rollinger.

During the last decade, the field of ancient history and classics has witnessed a slow but steady increase of publications applying to Greco-Roman history the concepts of social network analysis (SNA). As the case studies in this special, guest-edited issue of The Journal of Historical Network Research show, SNA promises to offer new perspectives on a research field mainly dominated by more traditional prosopographical studies and at the same time provide a powerful tool for analyzing and visualizing social and political connections in ancient societies.

It contains the following content:


Introducing the ‘Ties that Bind’
Wim Broekaert, Elena Köstner, Christian Rollinger


Prolegomena. Problems and Perspectives of Historical Network Research and Ancient History
Christian Rollinger

Athens as a Small World
Diane Harris Cline

Quintus Cicero and Roman Rule. Networks between Centre and Periphery
Christian Vogel

Informal Political Communication and Network Theory in the Late Roman Republic
Cristina Rosillo-López

Family or Faction? The Political, Social and Familial Networks Discerned from Cicero’s Letters during the Civil War between Caesar and Pompey
Gregory Gilles

The Pompeian Connection. A Social Network Approach to Elites and Sub-Elites in the Bay of Naples
Wim Broekaert

Genesis and Collapse of a Network. The Rise and Fall of Lucius Aelius Seianus
Elena Köstner

Networking in the Early Roman Empire: Pliny the Younger
Fabian Germerodt

Network Management in Ostrogothic Italy. Theoderic the Great and the Refusal of Sectarian Conflict
Christian Nitschke

The Ties that Do Not Bind. Group formation, polarization and conflict within networks of political elites in the medieval Roman Empire
Johannes Preiser-Kapeller

An Epilogue. Social Network Analysis and Greco-Roman Politics
Giovanni R. Ruffini

Published by Aline Deicke
May 6, 2020

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