Reminder: CfP HNR Panel at SUNBELT 2024, Edinburgh

Dear members of the HNR community,

this is a gentle reminder to submit your abstract to the HNR Panel at SUNBELT 2024 in Edinburgh, 24 – 30 June 2024 – the deadline is 4 February 2024, 11:59 pm GMT, submission via​.

Networks and the human past

David Zbíral, Cindarella Petz
A growing number of studies in historical and archaeological research have trailblazed relational approaches to the human past, and helped us to adapt network science methodologies to the specificities of humanities data. As graphs have become an established tool of modelling data on the past within the Digital Humanities, a growing reflection of the use of technologies and algorithms has been accompanied by theoretical consideration of their critical application. Moreover, it is becoming clear that archaeological and historical data sources and research topics pose intriguing challenges and opportunities to social (historical) network analysis and network science in general.
This session aims at empirical, methodological, and theoretical presentations concerning any historical period and any geographic area, which use formal methods and/or build upon the theoretical foundations of network analysis to shed light on the human past.
Possible topics might include:
  • analysis of past networks (social, infrastructural, semantic, etc.);
  • change of historical networks over time (longitudinal, temporal, …);
  • collection, retrieval and modelling of network data from historical sources (textual sources, artefacts, …);
  • peculiarities of incomplete, missing, uncertain and fuzzy data for historical and archeological research;
  • network extraction from historical texts;
  • semantic network analysis of historical texts;
  • material sources as proxy evidence for social phenomena;
  • transportation, migration, and diffusion;
  • economy from a network perspective.

We are looking forward to your submissions and to seeing you in Edinburgh!



Published by Aline Deicke
January 26, 2024

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