HNR2020 postponed to 2021

Dear all,

After much consideration and in light of the developing situation concerning Covid-19, we had to decide that the Historical Network Research conference in Luxembourg will no longer take place on 16-19 June 2020, but has been rescheduled to summer 2021. The exact date for the conference will be announced as soon as possible. 

We are planning a smaller virtual event on the original dates of the conference and will keep everyone updated per e-mail and on the website.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, we thank you for your efforts in contributing to  the HNR community and look forward to welcoming you in Luxembourg in 2021. We plan to use the extra time wisely to make HNR 2021 an even better event!

With best wishes,  

The HNR 2021 Organisers:

Aline Deicke (Academy of Sciences and Literature | Mainz)

Antonio Fiscarelli (University of Luxembourg)

Ingeborg van Vugt (University of Utrecht)

Marten Düring (University of Luxembourg)

Tom Brughmans (Aarhus University)

Published by Ingeborg van Vugt
April 15, 2020

Stay tuned

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