New Issue Journal of Historical Network Research Vol 6 No 1 (2021)

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We are pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of the Journal of Historical Network Research (Vol 6 No 1). It contains the following content:


Distribution de l’information et stratégies relationnelles dans le corpus de correspondances amarniennes : approche par l’analyse de réseaux
Clément Dutrey

A kinship network analysis of Palmyrene genealogies
Tom Brughmans, Olympia Bobou, Nathalia B. Kristensen, Rikke R. Thomsen, Jesper V. Jensen, Eivind H. Seland, Rubina Raja

Can historians trust centrality?
Sébastien de Valeriola

Understanding the Early Modern English Coastal Trading Community:
Leanna T P Brinkley

The Atlantic Wine Trade, intra-Asian Networks and the Case of Robert Cowan
Edward Owen Teggin

From a Local Periodical to a Global Enterprise
Zef Segal

Transnational Network Formation in the Medium of Cultural Magazines
Jörg Lehmann, Hanno Ehrlicher, Prof. Dr.

Book Review: Reassembling the Republic of Letters in the Digital Age: Standards, Systems, Scholarship
Ingeborg van Vugt

Published by Ingeborg van Vugt
February 14, 2022

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