Last chance to take our survey: Best-Practices and Tools in Historical Network Research

Dear member of the HNR community,

this is a last friendly reminder to participate in the survey “Best-Practices and Tools in Historical Network Research”, developed in a cooperation between the ModelSEN-project and the HNR community. The survey will be open until the end of November. 

As researchers working on the analysis of historical networks, we share common tools and best-practices but also face similar questions and challenges. The survey has been designed with the explicit goal to inform the development of future research software and educational resources. 

We invite you once again to participate in this survey (if you haven’t already) and share your views on common tools, practices, questions and challenges that play a role in your research process! To access the survey, please follow this link:

Thank you so much for your support and your participation in the survey – we are looking forward to your responses and feedback.

Published by Ingeborg van Vugt
November 20, 2022

Stay tuned

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