JHNR bids farewell to Martin Stark and Robert Gramsch-Stehfest and welcomes Cindarella Petz as new editor

Dear members of the HNR community,

we would like to announce changes in the editorial team of the Journal of Historical Network Research and say farewell to our colleagues Dr Martin Stark and Prof Robert Gramsch-Stehfest whose other professional commitments no longer leave enough time for their work on JHNR. In the same vein we warmly welcome Dr Cindarella Petz as new JHNR editor.

Martin Stark is one of the founding members of the Historical Network Community who has played a crucial role in its development since 2009. Martin Stark is one of the founding members of the Historical Network Community who has played a crucial role in its development since 2009. Martin’s journey into historical network research began with his PhD studies on 19th century credit markets in rural Germany. Over the years, Martin has been a cornerstone of HNR activities. With Ulrich Eumann, Linda Keyserlingk-Rehbein and Marten Düring, he is part of the original HNR team that organised first workshops in 2009. Apart from this, Martin hosted the first ever HNR Conference in Hamburg in 2013. Subsequently, he took over the coordination of HNR Workshops and Conferences and worked closely with local convenors. Martin played a central role in the completion of our “Handbuch Historische Netzwerkforschung” published in 2016 in a dual role as editor and author. He also co-edited the volume “The Power of Networks. Prospects of Historical Network Research, published in 2021. Finally, Martin is one of the co-founders of the Journal of Historical Network Research and has served as its Editor for Modern History since 2017.
Like Martin, Robert Gramsch-Stehfest is one of the founding members of JHNR, a long-standing and active member of the HNR community and one of the pioneers of social network analysis in Medieval History in the German-speaking world, notably with his habilitation titled “Das Reich als Netzwerk der Fürsten: politische Strukturen unter dem Doppelkönigtum Friedrichs II. und Heinrichs (VII.) 1225 – 1235″. At JHNR Robert was Editor for Medieval history and played an important role promoting JHNR in the research community.

We want to thank both for their many years of great collaboration in (J)HNR! At the same time we are thrilled to announce that Dr Cindarella Petz has joined the JHNR editorial team in early 2023.

Cindarella is a postdoctoral researcher at the DH LAB of the Leibniz Institute of European History in Mainz. There, she analyses networks and narratives of political judiciary using a mixed methods approach and computational methods of network research and text mining. She studied history at the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich, at University of Edinburgh, UK, and Tel Aviv University of Israel focusing on Modern History, Jewish History, and the history of Political Extremism. At Technical University of Munich she received her PhD in Computational History on the intersection of the humanities and computer science. She is part of the Local Organizing Committee for the GrapHNR conference 2023 in Mainz.


Marten on behalf of Christian, Clemens, and Ingeborg

Published by Marten Düring
March 3, 2023

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