[HNR Newsletter] Important: You need to re-subscribe to the Newsletter

The number of recipients of the HNR Newsletter has grown quite a bit in the past years to now 800+ subscribers which is absolutely great. But this also means that it is time to upgrade the infrastructure we use to send them.

MailChimp emerged as the best option to ensure security and stability for the coming years. Therefore, please take a moment to read MailChimp’s privacy statement (written in accessible English) which gives an indication of which information they will collect and what will happen to it: https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/.

So as to comply with best practices in email communication, we follow a strict opt-in policy. This means that we will not automatically import your email address to MailChimp. The current service will stop sending emails on March 30th 2018.


If you would like to continue receiving the newsletter:

1) Click “Unsubscribe” at the very bottom of one of the previous newsletters you received via email.

2) Go back to http://historicalnetworkresearch.org/ and re-submit your email address in the form in the left sidebar.

3) Make sure to click the confirmation link in the email you will receive.


If you DO NOT want to continue receiving the newsletter:

Either just wait until March 30th or click “Unsubscribe” below. All email addresses in the previous list will be deleted.


The newsletter archive and future newsletters will remain accessible via:

I hope for your understanding and that you will make the transition over to the new service.

Finally, thanks to all of you for causing this rather pleasant problem.


With best wishes,


Published by Marten Düring
February 16, 2018

Stay tuned

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