CfP “Network Analysis, Computational Modelling and Simulation in the Study of Religions”

via David Zbíral:


Dear colleagues,


at the EASR 2019 conference, to be held in Tartu, Estonia, 25-29 June 2019 (see, Aleš Chalupa and myself organize an open panel entitled “Network Analysis, Computational Modelling and Simulation in the Study of Religions”, which focuses on demonstrating the potential of these methods and discussing them. In continuation with having hosted, in September 2018, the annual conference on “Historical Network Research” ( at the Department for the Study of Religions, Masaryk University, Brno, we want to help developing these approaches within the European study of religions.


We welcome proposals for papers discussing any historical period and geographical area. Topics might include, but are not limited to:


* Modelling of the social dynamics of religious groups and interactions between religious communities


* Modelling of the spread of religious traditions on networks (transportation, commercial, social, ethnic etc.)


* Agent-based modelling of the transmission of different types of ritual in a diachronic perspective


* Extraction of networks from texts, computer-assisted text mining


* Social network analysis of actors in specific historical events important for the history of religions


* Usability of conceptual and methodological frameworks of complex adaptive system science towards the study of religions


* Inter- and transdisciplinarity in the study of religions concerning computational methods


* Preparing “computational data”; tools and methods for creating and managing datasets and databases aiding research into religions


* Comparison of close and distant reading in the study of religions



We are looking forward to receiving your paper proposals! The submission should be made through the online registration at the official website of the conference as a submission of an individual paper, where you choose “Network Analysis, Computational Modelling and Simulation in the Study of Religions” as the panel in which you propose the paper. General information about the submission of individual papers can be found here: . The submission deadline is 15 December 2018. Review results will be announced on 15 January 2019. Abstracts should be no more than 300 words long. If you have any queries concerning the panel, please get in touch with me at .


Thanks for considering our panel and/or forwarding it to those who could be interested in participating, and hopefully see many of you in Tartu in June 2019!


With all best wishes,

David Zbíral.

Published by Marten Düring
December 2, 2018

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