Call for Papers for Issue #5 of the Journal of Historical Network Research

Dear all,

We are inviting submissions of papers to be considered for publication in the fifth issue of the Journal of Historical Network Research, which will be published in spring 2021.

The Editorial Board welcomes proposals for papers centred on historical networks of any period of the recorded human past, from Bronze Age civilisation to contemporary history. Given the current extraordinary circumstances amid the global CoViD-19 pandemic, we particularly welcome papers that deal with historical pandemics from a network perspective.

In order to foster reproducibility and transparency in historical network research, we encourage authors to provide their code and data sets in addition to the manuscripts for publication. We also encourage expressions of interest for book reviews on relevant recent literature and articles, which introduce and discuss relevant and innovative digital tools for network research, or interesting new databases and data sources.

We accept submissions in the form of short and long articles as well as reviews of books, projects and datasets. A short article is suitable for the publication of ongoing research and may be more exploratory in nature whereas long articles are expected to present substantive and original findings. Short articles ideally run to no more than 20,000 – 30,000 characters (including spaces and footnotes); long papers between 60,000 and 90,000 characters. Reviews should not exceed 15,000 characters.

Articles can be submitted in English, German or French. All articles (but especially those articles written in a language other than English) should be accompanied by an English-language abstract of no more than 300 words which contains the salient points and arguments. Please follow the Author Guidelines and use the journal template to ensure that your submission is formatted correctly.

Articles for the fifth volume should be submitted via the journal homepage ( by 30 November 2020. In the interest of better preparation, we ask you to submit a short abstract by September 30th.

Please direct any questions you may have to the editors at For further information on Historical Network Research in general, we advise you to visit

About the journal

The Journal of Historical Network Research ( publishes outstanding and original contributions which apply the theories and methodologies of social network analysis to historical research, helps advance the epistemological and theoretical understanding of social network analysis in the historical, social and political sciences, and promotes empirical research on historical social interactions.

The journal promotes the interplay between different areas of historical research (in the broadest sense), social and political sciences, and different research traditions and disciplines, while strengthening the dialogue between network research and “traditional” historical research. The journal serves as a meeting place for the traditional hermeneutics of historical research and its concomitant emphasis on contextualisation and historical source criticism (as present in traditional academic historical journals) on the one hand, and the theory-heavy and/or sometimes overly technical discussion of methodological and technological issues (which predominates in publications focused on “pure” or sociological network research) on the other. All contents are made available free of charge to readers and authors following Open Access principles.

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The editors,

Christian Rollinger, Marten Düring, Robert Gramsch-Stehfest & Martin Stark

Published by Marten Düring
August 25, 2020

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