Call for expression of interest: Post-doc position in HNR (Polytechnic University of Turin)

Dear member of the HNR community,

This postdoc position might be of interest to any members of this group, via prof. Roberto Lalli:


Post-doc position in HNR Polytechnic University of Turin

In the framework of the project “FusEUrope – European cooperation in nuclear fusion research: from history to future policy design” hosted by the Polytechnic University of Turin (PoliTo,, a leading Italian university, we seek expressions of interest for a postdoctoral research fellow position which is expected to open in the next weeks.

The FusEU project, led by PoliTo with a team spanning 3 other Italian universities (University of Macerata, University of Milan, University of Padua), is an interdisciplinary project on the scientific and political history of European cooperation on nuclear fusion energy research for peaceful uses.

In the context of the FusEU project, the postdoctoral research fellow will primarily focus on the historical network analyses of techno-scientific cooperation on topics related to fusion research and the application of Machine Learning techniques to textual corpora of relevant scientific and political documents.

Ideally, the successful candidate is a recently graduated PhD in any fields related to computer sciences, digital humanities, computational history of science, scientometrics or historical network research. The postdoctoral fellow will work in close contact with the Principal Investigator of FusEU, Roberto Lalli.

We offer an 18-months postdoctoral contract of level 3 out of 4, which corresponds to the base postdoctoral salary in Italy plus approximately 20% (namely, 1913 € net per month). Ideally, the candidate will be based in Turin, which is the most affordable large city in Italy.

This is not a formal opening of the position yet. If you are interested in the position, would like to know more about the position, FusEU or our research agenda, or would like to simply discuss whether you could be a good fit, please contact Roberto Lalli, e-mail






Published by Ingeborg van Vugt
September 26, 2023

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