How to add content to Historical Network Research Site

To become a curator for the Historical Network Research site, contact me at

Take a look at the Historical Network Research Library and sign up for a Zotero account.

We use two ways to organize the content: Categories and Tags.

Categories (screenshot below) are organized hierarchically and represent the primary type of a new item. It is important that you assign them correctly, since the HNR website filters the page contents based on these categories. For example, a paper which applies network analysis in Archaeology should appear in the category “Ancient History and Archaeology”. Tutorials go in Resources/Tutorials.

The easiest way to assign an item to a category is by selecting the category first and then use the Zotero plugin to download the item. It will appear in the selected category a moment later. Of course you can also add a new item manually in Zotero.



Tags (screenshot below) are used to further classify items. At this stage, the library has typically  only assigned one tag to an item, which corresponds to the category. A lot of additional tagging is needed. Whenever you add an item, please add the tag representing the name of the category first and then think of other useful tags. To avoid an atomization of the library, make sure that you consider existing tags first. The purpose of tags is to allow users far more specialized searches within the Zotero Library, not on the website.


Always double-check before you edit or delete any items in the Library, remember you have full write access!

Zotpress, the plugin which connects Zotero to WordPress requires a manual update which will occur every Friday. So don’t worry if your additions don’t appear on the site right away.