Hi all,*

just a quick update on the Historical Network Research Zotero group: Quite a few people have by now requested group memberships but only few of them actually add new entries to the bibliography.

So the first point: Do you consider to contribute to this project and help to keep it up-to-date by sharing your own references for good HNR publications which are not yet in the bibliography!

And directly related, the second: Until now all members had read/write access. This meant that the risk of anyone accidentally deleting the bibliography rose steadily. I therefore restricted write access to admins only. If you plan to add contents to the bibliography, please drop me a line and I will change your status.

Almost finally: I will be on holidays (yey) 29.8. - 14.9. and then traveling to Ghent for the Historical Network Research Conference 2014, hope to see/meet some of you there!

Finally: By now 301 people are subscribed to the newsletter which is nice!




* I experienced another tech-hickup, some of you will have received a draft version of this mail.