Dear all,

for those of you who have not yet come across lab1100's fabulous nodegoat tool, please take a moment to explore:

nodegoat is a web-based database management, analysis and visualisation platform. Using nodegoat, you can define, create, query, update, and manage any number of data sets by use of a graphic user interface. Your custom data model autoconfigures the backbone of notegoat's core functionalities.

Within nodegoat, you are able to instantly analyse and visualise data sets. nodegoat allows you to enrich data with relational, geographical and temporal attributes. Therefore, the modes of analysis are inherently diachronic and ready-to-use for interactive maps and extensive trailblazing.


nodegoat offers an easy solution for one of the major problems anyone new to HNR faces: Building a flexible yet user-friendly database.

Geert and Pim gave a very well received introduction to the tool during the last HNR workshop in Berlin. Participants had the idea to set up a forum for users to allow Q&A and exchanges over the practicalities.

This forum is now live on the HNR website:

To learn more about nodegoat and how it works, you might want to start with their FAQ: