This might be of interest to some on this list, via Martin Stark:


Dear Colleagues and Students,

The duality that occurs between micro behavior and macro outcomes within social networks has attracted the attention of an increasing number of scholars, whose research interests range from organizational studies to international relations.

In response to this increased interest in dynamic network analysis, Volker Schneider, in collaboration with Ines Mergel and Ulrik Brandes, invited Adam Douglas Henry from the University of Arizona to run a tutorial on agent-based modelling of dynamic networks at this year’s POLNET+ summer school. He will also give a keynote on “Learning in Segregated Networks”.

In addition, the POLNET+ summer school features sessions that introduce the participants to Philip Leifeld’s Discourse Network Analyzer, dynamic network visualization in visone and the basics of social network research and data analysis in R. Combined, these methods constitute a comprehensive package that you can use to study a wide variety of networks and their dynamics, such as network evolution or diffusion processes.

Please do not hesitate to contact Christiane Richter ( with any further questions or to register your interest in attending the summer school until June 30th. You can also access additional information on

Volker Schneider and his colleagues are looking forward to welcoming you to Konstanz in July.

Yours sincerely,

Antje Witting
University of Konstanz
Dep. Politics and Public Administration
Chair of Empirical Theory of the State