Dear colleagues,

attached you find a call for papers I was asked to forward. It might be of
interest to some of you.


Dr. Frederik Elwert
Centrum für Religionswissenschaftliche Studien
Ruhr-Universität Bochum



Network Theory and Computer Modeling in the Study of Religion


International Workshop

August 29–September 4, 2016

Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest


In collaboration with the Department for the Study of Religion, Masaryk University, Brno and the Institute for the Advanced Study of Religion, Toronto


Organizing committee: Tamás Biró, Aleš Chalupa, István Czachesz




This workshop continues the program of previous meetings that explored the relationship between network theory and cognitive science and the implications of that nexus for historiography. The primary intention of this workshop is to explore modeling techniques that can be used in the study of religion, identify aspects of religion (with an emphasis on cognitive features in the history of religions) that are good candidates to be captured by such models, and discuss what data is needed from historians, philologists, and archaeologist so that meaningful models can be created.



(Draft, June 13, 2016)


Monday Aug 29

Travel day, Reception


Tuesday Aug 30

9am–10.30am Opening panel and discussion

11.00am–12.30pm Tutorials

2pm–3.30pm Tutorials

4pm–5pm Paper presentations


Wednesday Aug 31

A Generative Historiography of the Ancient Mediterranean

(GEHIR Project, Brno)


Thursday Sept 1

9am–2pm Lab visits and presentations at ELTE University

3pm–5pm Paper presentations


Friday Sept 2

9am–12.30pm Paper presentations

2pm–5pm Concluding panel and discussion


Saturday Sept 3

Archeological trip


Sunday Sept 4

Sightseeing, travel day