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Dear Colleague,


I’m writing to you as I hope you would be willing to help me distribute my job vacancy among interested social network researchers (attached). I (Nicole Dukers from the Maastricht University) am seeking to hire a social network researcher for a funded ZonMW study (SaNAE) and I wondered whether you may know someone who is looking for an exciting job and may be interested in doing this.


We are seeking to hire an experienced social network researcher who is skilled using Ucinet, Netdraw and preferably other statistical (SNA) software as well. Methodological SNA network knowledge is required and the candidate may be from any background (though the study focuses on infections, knowledge on infections is not required, only a pre).


The location of work is in The Netherlands (Maastricht University Center), but (e.g. for abroad) candidates the location of work is negotiable.


I believe this position (duration 1 plus 1/2 year) does offer interesting possibilities to the candidate and a unique large dataset with real-life contact data and attributes to work with and I hope you are willing to distribute it among your colleagues or students.


Thank you in advance,


Greetings Nicole Dukers-Muijrers


Dr. Nicole H.T.M. Dukers, senior epidemioloog infectieziektebestrijding

Coordinator onderzoek afdeling Seksuele Gezondheid, Infectieziekten en Milieu


T +31 (0)45 850 6246 | F +31 (0)45 574 2801 | Enicole.dukers@ggdzl.nl | W www.ggdzl.nl



1. Afdeling Seksuele gezondheid,

Infectieziekten en milieu,

GGD Zuid Limburg

Postbus 2022, 6160 HA Geleen

1. Department of Sexual Health, Infectious Diseases

and Environmental Health,

Public Health Service South Limburg,

PO Box 2022, 6160 HA Geleen,

The Netherlands

2. Faculteit Health, Medicine and Life sciences

Afdeling Medische Microbiologie,

Maastricht Infection Center (MINC),

School of Public Health and Primary Care (CAPHRI),

Maastricht Universitair Medisch Centrum (MUMC+),

Postbus 5800, 6202 AZ Maastricht

2. Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences 

Department of Medical Microbiology,

Maastricht Infection Center (MINC),

School of Public Health and Primary Care (CAPHRI),

Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC+),

PO Box 5800, 6202 AZ Maastricht,

The Netherlands








Social network researcher
to study the role of contact networks in infections

The Maastricht University Medical Center seeks to hire a researcher with interest and skills in social network methods to assess the role of the social network in (spread of) infections.

Support for the position is now available for one and a half year through a ZonMW grant. This project is called SaNAE and includes the Maastricht University Medical Centre Medical microbiology, Public health service South Limburg (Dr. Nicole Dukers-Muijrers) and Julius Center (Prof. Mirjam Kretzschmar). The successful applicant will be a productive scholar who has skills and knowledge related to social network methods and/or in epidemiology.

The ideal candidate has background in epidemiology, management, disease ecology, anthropology, geography, sociology, or other integrative field; and previous high-quality, first-authored publications. The candidate should have experience in social network statistics, and is skilled in using Ucinet, Netdraw (preferably has knowledge on other SNA software as well).

Preferably, the candidate also has skills of using SPSS or other statistical software (e.g. SAS, R, Stata) (for epidemiologic methods). Knowledge of infectious diseases is a pre but not required.

The researcher will analyse network information collected in the Maastricht Study and publish his/her findings. The Maastricht Study is a large and long-term observational prospective population based cohort study in over 3000 middle aged and older people living in the southern part of the Netherlands. Part of the Maastricht study focuses on the role of the social network in relation to infections which is the topic of the current project. By means of biological measurements of infections and self reported social network questionnaires, cross- sectional attribute data on actors and relations is collected. Currently, both ego-networks and contact networks are being constructed using these data. The purpose of the current project is to analyze this network information in relation to infections. This will be done using statistical and social network analyses techniques.

This study will be conducted in close co-operation with the Department of Sexual Health, Infectious Diseases and Environmental Health from the Public Health Service South Limburg. The Maastricht University Medical Centre offers a vibrant scientific community. Expertise on social networks extends across departments involved in this project and the school is renowned for its cutting edge research on the applications of network methods and its applications in public health.

Appointments will be for one-and-a half year. Salary and arrangements will be offered according to University of Maastricht guidelines. http://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/.

Please submit before 21 December 2015 a cover letter with research interests, a detailed CV, and names of 2 references, to Dr. Nicole Dukers-Muijrers. Nicole.dukers@ggdzl.nl. For inquiries, please contact Nicole.dukers@ggdzl.nl / Phone.+0031 629193150.

Starting date is early 2016. The location of the work is in The Netherlands (Maastricht) but can be negotiable (e.g. for abroad applicants).