Hi all,

please note that I just changed the membership settings for our Zotero group:

- it is now public with open membership which means that you no longer need to apply to become a member of the group

- the group is freely accessible to anyone on the internet

- group members no longer have the right to edit or add items

These changes have become necessary for two reasons: Zotpress, the plugin which displays the group's bibliography on the HNR site now auto-updates any new items. In the past, some of the now 40 group members have accidentally added items to the bibliography, something I would like to avoid. Accidents happen and it would be a shame to loose all the materials we have collected over the past years.

Anyways, most folks found it hard to set up their Zotero account and to contribute to the group (and I can't blame them).

If you would like to help improve the bibliography (tagging remains a big issue, there is missing data, there are mistakes, there are items to add) please contact me for an admin account OR just send me Bibtex files/ links with ISBN or DOI codes which make it much, much faster for me to add items.