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this edition of the newsletter calls for your support to help tag the HNR Bibliography. The Bibliography might well be the largest collection of its kind and to a large extent it is based on the generosity of a few people who were willing to share their personal bibliography on network analysis in their home discipline with everybody (thanks again!).

Right now the Bibliography is ordered by historical eras and a few dedicated topics:

• HNR in general

• Network Theory

• Science and Technology

• Art History

• Economic History

• Network Extraction from Texts

• Prosopography

• Ancient History & Archaeology

• Early Modern History

• Medieval History

• Modern History

• Contemporary History

This has bugged me for quite some time now for an obvious reason: Many papers and books cover more than one era, method or theory so the current classification is just too limited.

Tags can help represent the multidimensionality of this rich collection of materials we have collected over the years. No one can know everything but I do hope that you will be willing to share your expertise and tag the publications you know. So if you find yourself with a few moments to spare, please head over to the HNR Bibliography Zotero Group, register an account, apply for membership and tag a few entries in the Bibliography, Audio & Video or the Resources.

You can find the current list of tags here: http://historicalnetworkresearch.org/explore-tags/. As you can see, it shows the potential but leaves a lot to be desired. For now, please use your best judgment to define tags, we will take care of possible duplicates at a later stage.

Please note that it might take a day or two until your tags appear on the website.


Many thanks,



PS: As always: remember to submit your articles or those of your peers, ideally as a member of our Zotero group or by email.