On behalf of David Zbiral:


Dear colleagues,


with apologies for cross-posting: this is a last minute call for collaboration in spe. On 27 March, I should submit an application for a Junior Grant of the Czech Science Foundation. The research project is concerned with dissident cultures in medieval Europe, and one of its central aspects is social network analysis. I thought to send out an open call for job applications only later, in case my project gets funded, but quite late, I learned that unlike other programmes of the same agency, the Junior Grant Scheme requires applicants to state the prospective team members by name. This is why I am, at short notice, in search of a sociologist interested in participating in the research project (if it is successful and gets the funding). The planned position is postdoctoral, full-time, from 1 Feb 2016 to 31 Dec 2018.


One condition determined by the programme is that the research fellows have to have 35 years or less as of 2015. This means that this call has unfortunately to be limited to those born in 1980 or later (the exact birth date in 1980 doesn’t matter).


Besides this condition, the prospective team member should meet the following requirements:

- Ph.D. in sociology or a related discipline (by 31 Dec 2015 - not necessarily now).

- Expertise in social network analysis and fair knowledge of statistics.

- Interest in participating in an interdisciplinary research project concerned with historical social networks.

- Free to devote her/his 100% time allocation to the project in the relevant period, and ready to move to the charming city of Brno, Czech Republic (2 hours from Vienna and 2.5 hours from Prague by train or bus) for that period.

- Fluent in English (spoken and written), with very good academic writing skills.


The team in spe comprises six positions in total (full-time or part-time). Its communication language will be English.


Fore more information about my research, please check http://www.david-zbiral.cz . For more information about the Department for the Study of Religions at Masaryk University, which would host the project, please visit http://www.phil.muni.cz/relig/indexen.php .


If you have any questions concerning the project or the position, please ask me at david.zbiral@post.cz (so that we don’t bother the whole list). Thank you.


If you are interested in this position in spe, please be so kind to send me a brief statement of interest accompanied by (1) your CV and (2) one to three of your publications concerning social network analysis, published or submitted (preferably in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, German, Polish, Czech, or Slovak). If these materials are available online, a link is enough. I should receive your application by 27 March, 8:00 a.m. GMT. I will confirm the reception of all applications, and communicate my choice to you by 31 March.


Technically speaking, the team members stated in the grant application have neither the legal right nor the obligation of getting hired if the project gets funded, but for my part, I will first offer the position to the applicant whom I will choose at this stage (and who will therefore be stated in the application).


By contrast, a formal engagement is not required from the prospective team member because I understand my call comes quite late and there is not enough time to assemble all the information and consider the call without hurry. On the other hand, the prospective team member’s interest in this position should be serious and realistic.


Please feel free to forward this message to colleagues who might be interested.


Thank you for your time!


With all best wishes,

David Zbíral.


Dr. David Zbíral

Associate Professor at Masaryk University (Study of Religions)

Managing Editor of Religio: Revue pro religionistiku, http://www.casr.cz/religioen.php

General Secretary of the Czech Association for the Study of Religions, http://www.casr.cz/indexen.php

Department for the Study of Religions, http://www.phil.muni.cz/relig/indexen.php

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