This might be of interest, you will find the detailed job descriptions here:


dear colleagues,

it is a pleasure to inform you about job offers at the austrian academy of sciences
concerning the project 
mapping historical networks. building a new austrian prosopographical / biographical information system (APIS) [; 1.4.2015-1.4.2019]
and invite you / your students to apply.

this are two of four DH-jobs connected to the project; two more in the areas of programming, data analysis, semantic web are to be announced.
we invite people with background or strong interest in historical-biographical work to apply.
we are curious about your ideas and visions and look forward working with you and developing our project.
please get into contact with: (APIS: co-ordinator biographical research).

please, in any case of uncertainties do not hesitate to come back to us!

warm regards from vienna:
eveline wandl-vogt :) 


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