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    I would like to link my Zotero account to my Nodegoat project, in order to be able to reference the data correctly. Is there a standarderized way of doing this? The videotutorials are not mentioning this.


    Good point! We’ve developed a Linked Data Module that allows you to connect to linked data resources (see: http://nodegoat.net/blog.s/12/linked-data-vs-curation-island). The Linked Data Module can also work with APIs. This means that nodegoat is able to communicate with the Zotero API.

    To set this up, you can use the Linked Data Module to create a new linked data resource in nodegoat (http://nodegoat.net/login/design/linkeddata). Here you set the Protocol to API and the URL to ‘https://api.zotero.org/users/%5Byour Zotero userID]/items?’, you can find your Zotero userID here: https://www.zotero.org/settings/keys. In the URL Options, you enter ‘&format=json&key=[a Zotero Private Key]’, private keys can be generated via https://www.zotero.org/settings/keys as well.

    You can use something like this for a query: ‘q=[query=name][variable]term[/variable][/query]&limit=[limit]&start=[offset]’, more options can be found here: https://www.zotero.org/support/dev/web_api/v3/basics. Check out our blog post on the Linked Data Module to see how to configure the query variables, http://nodegoat.net/blog.s/12/linked-data-vs-curation-island.

    After you get a valid response, you can use this to select the data you want to use. We’ve opted for ‘{“[]”:{“links”:{“alternate”:{“href”:””}}}}’ to function as a “URI” and ‘{“[]”:{“data”:{“title”:””}}}’ as Label. We also use ‘{“[]”:{“data”:{“creators”:{“[]”:{“lastName”:””}}}}}’ to show the last name of the author(s) in the results browser.

    The final configuration should look something like this:
    Zotero API in nodegoat

    Next, you can create an Object Description in one of your Types and set this to ‘External’ to select the linked data resource you just created (e.g. ‘Zotero’). You can also tick the first checkbox there to allow for multiple references.

    We currently see two possible scenarios in which this can be used. [1] You can create an Object Description called ‘References’ in a Type like ‘Person’ to link to the sources stored in your Zotero library that you’ve used to describe a person. [2] Create a Type like ‘References’ in which you create Objects for the references you’ve used and link those (like in [1]) to your Zotero library. The Objects in this type can be used as sources throughout nodegoat. In this way you can make use of the ‘Source’ functionality in nodegoat that allows you to add bibliographic references to Objects, Object Descriptions, Sub-Objects, and Sub-Object Descriptions.

    We hope this helps. We’ve not used this functionality in this way before, so we’re keen to learn from your experiences. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


    At the end i would like to use the connection to my zotero library as in your example 2.
    I have a valid response with your demo-query, but i cannot put in any URI or Label. what do i do wrong?


    Great! You probably only forgot to click the green ‘use’ button next to the Response field (on the right). This generates the options you can choose from in the URI, Label, and Values drop-down menus.

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