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    I have a problem with the date function of objects when it comes to entering data about which I only have partial information. If I enter dd-mm-yyyy, it works; and if I enter only yyyy, it also works. But if I enter mm-yyyy, for I know something happened in Oktober 1704 but not the exact day, the entry 10-1704 is set to 10-04-17 on saving. And worse yet, one entry (a letter that I know to be sent from Copenhagen to Utrecht 22-10-1697 and which I therefore supposed to have arrived approximately in November 1697) was set from 11-1697 to 11-97-16, a date I can’t make any sense of. Is there any possibility to circumvent that? Or do I have to go through all my data once again and set all the month-only-dates to year-only?
    As partial dates are very common, it would be very good to have a solution for that.



    Thanks for the feedback! This should be fixed now. You can enter dates as:

    y (1687)
    m-y (03-1687 / 3-1687)
    d-m-y (09-03-1687 / 9-3-1687)

    and for BCE:

    -y (-800)
    m--y (03--800 / 3--800)
    -m-y (-03-800 / -3-800)
    d-m--y (09-03--800 / 9-3--800)
    -d-m-y (-09-03-800 / -9-3-800)



    Perfect! You guys are the best! It works and no data got screwed up. And you are incredibly fast. Thanks a lot!

    But while we’re at it, I do have another question regarding dates. Is it possible to include more than two dates in one subobject? As I am working on 17th-18th century scientists, those in higher positions in the universities took turns in many of the universities’ offices. For instance, I got one person who was five times Rector Magnificus in a period of some 20 years (and there are other, similiar examples). I am a bit afraid that if I create another subobject (I work with “occupation” subobjects for these purposes) for each time he took to the post again, I create more references to the university in question and the job description of rector than strictly necessary, and which are mapped out by the visualitions afterwards. As neither the institution nor the job changes in this case, it would be convenient if I could just create one suboject that records all rectorships by just adding as many date field as necessary.



    Good point! We understand your idea, but decided not to go for that option as we want the subobjects to reflect the actual events they convey. This means that you will indeed need five subobjects to save the different periods of this person as rector magnificus. You are right that this signifies more intensity between the institution and the person but this seems only natural as the institution and this person do have more interactions. Moreover, as this person will probably have different functions in between his work as rector magnificus, the chronological recreation (in the overviews, geographic visualisation and social visualisation) of his biography would reflect these different instances as well.

    In the Cross-Referenced tab of this university (in the view mode of the object) you will find a single reference to each person as this is a list of all the individual objects that link to this institute.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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